John Clarke


The pendant at Bug Lake with John's First Nations name on it


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Hiking a road in the upper Stave Valley in 1992 (don't ask)

On the Lillooet River sandbar in August 1991 after climbing Peak 8715

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At the heliport after finishing the Peak 8715 trip.

John climbing in the upper Stave Valley in 1992

Mount Cayley as seen on the drive into Bug Lake

The upper reaches of Sims Creek from Bug Lake, October 2006

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Bug Lake, the bench is on a knoll behind the trees on the right

A view eastward  from Bug Lake. Note the lovely lateral moraine

Paul Starr on the Bug Lake bench - note the pendant by the left leg

The first view of Bug Lake



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The bench from near the edge of Bug Lake

A full frontal view of the Bug Lake bench

The vegetation on the hike to Bug Lake

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The trees aren't exactly small

John somewhere checking where he is (1988?)

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John in a tarn on the Flier-Montrose Divide (Peak 8715) on day one


John in lycra rappelling of the Meager Obelisk after the first ascent (1992)

Playing on a snow bank (1989) near the Meager Obelisk

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John on the glacier below the Meager Obelisk (1989)

The Meager Obelisk (1992) - the route goes up the dihedral

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